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Frontier Funk : Stiletto Waltz : Cut-Time Rockerama

Watch out there's Ogres about

About Us

From the proper north. Made in Carlisle UK. Ogres of GoGo . Staggeringly beautiful and slightly off-kilter, The Ogres are most pleased to give all Internetters a glimpse into their world. Enjoy your visit. All aboard, Hold on tight. We'll do our best to keep you up to date with all the important stuff. Check the News link for the latest on releases, gigs , day trips , hangover cures and undercover assignments.

Ian Mitchinson

Bass : Sartorial Elegance


Geetar : Vocals : Howling Pedals

Neil Fraser

Drums : Percussion : Whip Cracker

Ste Harkins

Guitar : Vocals : Choreography

Chris Riley

Trombone : Percussion : High Jinx

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We've got some samples from a few Ogres tunes for you to listen to right here on the site. We also have a couple of video masterpieces for your viewing pleasure. And then there's the stunningly handsome gallery photographs. If you enjoy the music then consider supporting the Ogres with a purchase from your favourite digital download outfit. 'Waterworlds' mini-album is available now from iTunes / Apple Music / Google Play / Amazon etc. We also have a fine selection of Ogrewear T-Shirts available.

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